PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2013 | Great Excited Video Clip

Must see PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2013 | Great Excited Video Clip

See the top excited awesome mission collection in 2013.
The song is 'Levitate' by Hadouken, from the album 'Every Weekend'
Here are some of the videos we used (and a few great ones that didn't make it). Check out the originals and support their channels!

PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2013 | Great Excited Video Clip

Damian Walters 2011 Official Showreel
Foot 2012 (Rémi Gaillard)
"Mike Wilson Quadruple Backflips a 99 Foot Rope Swing - Going Big (Official video)"
Produced by Hula Networks
Filmed by Conor Tourmarkine, Brandon Skinner & the Sherddy Times Crew
Commissioned by Hula Networks (https://www.youtube.com/hulanetworks)
FSF presents Mark Monz Monea and The Carry On:
Unit Clothing Presents Giants of Dirt
Human Slingshot Slip and Slide
Moab Swinglines
Dallas Cowboys Edition Dude Perfect
Blob Jump Official Guiness World Record
Amazing Last Second Shot
Insane Dunk Under Both Legs Justin Darlington Makes It Look Easy
Storm Freerun -- Volume 1
World's Weirdest Skateboarder Almir Jusovic:
Insane Dodge Ball Kill
Street Acrobats:
Nollie Kick Board
Aaron Jaws Homoki Ollie
Amazing Barehanded Baseball Catch
Erik Elstran
Guy Jumps Over A Bull
Stefan Holm High Hurdles Training
Surfing Kickflip Winner for Volvom Contest Zoltan Torkos 10k
Rob Wise Gnar Bunny Hop Over 2 Ppl
William Spencer At The Berrics:
Slam Dunk Supertramp Style -- Faceteam Basketball:
Kevin Bania -- Amazing World Record Jump
Jester Base Arrest
Lassi Hurskainen Angry Birds
Damian Walters 2010
Danny MacAskill Way Back Home
Storm Freerun -- Volume 1
Back Flip Penalty Kick
World First BMX Triple Backflip Jed Mildon
Parkour Double Flip Off A Swing
NUACC 2010
Brendon Smith Blunt Scooters Web Edits 2011
One Legged Soccer Player Scores Goalkeeper
Dis Is How We Do Track In Hawaii
Evan Doherty the Big E Lands the Big 540
Trevor Jacobs Jumps Moving Train
CuteWinFail Baby On A Mission
Alex Tanney Trick Shout Quarterback -- Better Than Johnny Mac
Indian Boy Limbo Skate Under Four Cars
Long Kickflip Promo Slide
Nitro Circus Live MGM Grand Las Vegas
World's Best Trick's Volume IV
3RUN Showreel
Chris Akrigg -- A Hill In Spain
How Ridiculous Basketball Shots -- The Raffles Apartment
Iya Foot Freestyle
Jacob Tucker 2011 Dunk Video
Johnny Mac Trickshot Quaterback
Lizard King on Nitro Circus
Lucky Bigwheel Jump
Phantom Blake Dunks Over A Car
Saloman Freesku TV S4 E15 Wave Skiing 2.0 Jaws
Zach Enyeart Trick Shot Long Snapper
The Most Stairs Climbed On The Head
World Record Flip Dunk
Kilmon KJ Dillon Amazing TD Dive
Best Catch Ever!
Bill Gates Leaps Over A Chair
NFL Pick Me
Incredible Ball Boy Catch
Goalkeeper Trick Shots
PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2013 | Great Excited Video Clip

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